There are reasons why we may not know the future. We might decide we are not going in a hard and difficult direction. We might then miss the blessings, the lessons, the enduring legacy of having overcome the evil that we are intended to uproot in so far as we are able.

The above titled book describes my journey to discover the truth behind illegal seizure of my home premised on a forged Tennessee Judge’s order of eviction. Seeking answers for myself inevitably led to many other homes stolen per a very specific and easily recognized chain of theft.

The stranglehold over legally required disclosures to American consumers of mortgages violate the Truth in Lending Act. Registrar of Deeds offices cannot be depended upon to produce a complete and unbroken chain of property title appearing as signed and notarized endorsements. In former decades we could trust that we had access to a full and complete chain of property title. This is no longer the case. No questions asked Registrar of Deeds Offices routinely file what functions as document fraud; corrupting their own systems. At multiple junctures where red flags point to some adaptation of a Title Theft Scheme, millions of Americans are rendered helpless to fight back. Thus, we know that title theft is an inside job. The chain of theft is no random or accidental happenstance.

Title Theft, control over the digital property title by criminals, PREDATES ANY ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE CHARADE. The good news is that with a little knowledge and the willingness to unearth the truth any person can effectively fight back.

I believe today that God let me experience certain extremes so that I could write about and arm others to fight back. Not everything I experienced will fit every victim of title theft. As you read my book take what fits and leave the rest.

I will soon be coming out with a companion book to: ILLEGAL FORECLSOURE, TITLE THEFT, AND ITS CHAIN OF CORRUPTION. This new book is meant to be a practical, hands-on investigative guide. It is currently in the last editing stages; titled: TITLE THEFT QUICK GUIDE OF LISTS; May 2021. Whether one has been targeted for a simple or more sophisticated chain of theft this book lays out exactly what you need, where to find it, and how to push back so as to defend your property against illegal seizure. With a few tools any person can adopt the role of being a citizen investigator, fighting back to protect private property rights. Even if your home has already been illegally seized by white collar criminals networked to the national footprint of operations it is never too late. There is no statute of limitations on a void judgement. The fly in the ointment is that fraud invalidates any decision.

My next book will describe the corruption I experienced in the federal court system. Separate and Unequal is a Civil Rights Violation. Unknown to most Americans there is no level, nor equal playing field within our federal appeals process. Read the next post. Catch and Kill: A Civil Rights Violation.

The first book can be found on my Amazon Author page. My plan is to offer these books, as well as zoon consultation via this website. Stick with me and refer back often as I develop this access and hopefully… look forward to hearing from some of you. Alexandra Clair: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle