Because I am certain that there have been many prisoner appeals. Pro se and Indigent appeals that, like mine, were assigned to the same clerks office at the sixth circuit. Running a de facto court to say separate and unequal with “less than” appeals assigned to the sole discretion of those that are not judges.

The following letter is addressed to the new chief judge at the sixth circuit court of appeals: Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton. It was sent on July 21, 2021.

The former Chief Judge was Judge Cole. I filed a complaint of Judicial Misconduct against him as well as other judges in November of 2018. Because they were never addressed I published the four complaints of Judicial Misconduct in my book: Illegal Foreclosure, Title Theft, and Its Chain of Corruption (April 2020). The outcome of these complaints, still today, hang in the balance. To read my answer as to why the complaints should have been addressed. As was my right and is the right of every American citizen. Answered without the kind of delay tactics I experienced. I detailed the chain of corrupt conduct that stripped me of my right of access to actual judges and thus, due process in the two previous blogs. What happened to me has happened to many others. Separate and unequal is a Civil Rights violation. As practiced by Screening for Merit at the lower courts and assignment of “less than” appeasls to clerks and staff attorneys’ at the appeal courts the Constitution of the United States of America is being shredded. This fraud upon the American people comes with no disclosure. Like: “We are going to assign your appeal to a Case Manager who will function as a judge, but has no authority to act in that capacity; is that okay with you? Oh, but don’t worry. An actual judge having read none of what you wrote will sign off on this travesty absent all accountability and oversight.”

This is an open door invitation to bribery and inducement by outside actors; nothing like what our forefathers envisioned. It happened to me. It has happened to many others.

July 21, 2021

Dear Judge Sutton:

My appeal questions have never been addressed. I am fairly certain you are aware of this. Bias was so weighted against my pro se appeal, and I have to believe many other indigent appeals impacted by the same bad actors operating unchecked at least from 2016 forward. Allowing clerks to function as judges absent all judicial or administrative oversight fits perfectly the definition of a “bait and switch” shell game. One cannot, guard against what one believes is not possible. Foolish me. I actually had faith that judges would read and rule on my Pro Se Appellant’s Brief.

Filings that include: Motion(s) for Void Judgement – Motion to Compel an Answer – The En Banc Petition dumbed down and sidelined as a mere
“suggestion” by the corrupt clerks office – and the quintessential Pro Se Appellants Brief have never been ruled on. Saying that mandates have issued because staff-authored orders must be defended is, in practice an act of tyranny that has:

1.) Obliterated my right to be heard.

2.) Denied access to the error correction function of the appeals process.

3.) Denied right to appear which is worked into the separate and unequal delegation practices.

4.) Made a mockery of procedural due process.

5.) Denied notice to judges.

6.) Denied even my right to be heard on objection filings.

I have read that you have power in special circumstances. Can you not say enough is enough and submit my Pro Se Appellant’s Brief to what has never begun?

The corruption that I experienced transcends myself and did not begin at the sixth circuit. However, it is undisputable in fact that on the precise exact day that I filed the list of summary Appeal From questions and notice to the first panel of judges that some action was needed since the district court would not rule on what they deemed outstanding restoring jurisdiction (you can read the record for context on this ) this notice was replaced with a forgery. Forgery is an actual crime. The second case number served also to bury the Assignment of Errors filing filed under the first case number. Outcome informs that two case numbers were strategic and deliberate. If the staff-invented phony appeal questions would pass the smell test these two filings could not be seen by the second (decoy) panel of judges. The outcome as I pushed back sought to induce me to follow the pro se script and give up pursuit of access to the appeals process; right to be heard. At times I have experienced this push back as intimidation. It is a fact that the appeal questions answered by the phony mandates are a complete fiction. It is not that I was merely “denied a meaningful opportunity to be heard” as an oblique issue or questions debatable as to merits. It is that my appeal was NEVER by any standard of logic or law EVER HEARD and ruled on.

Perhaps you are worried that if you restore those rights stripped from the appeals process as documented per my experience other appeals touched by the same cabal of unelected bureaucrats will surface.

I filed complaints of judicial misconduct November 2018. Not until April 2021 did the Circuit Executive deign to issue a response. Upon belief, doing so only because I wrote about the corruption experienced. The Circuit Executive then called these complaints frivolous. Doing so 28-months after they were first filed. Citing none of the facts. Repeating only the cover-up narrative proposed by the sixth circuit clerk’s office having conflicts of interest and motive to hide and conceal their actions. A delay of two years and four months (actually two years and five months) cannot be normal, more evidence of a separate and unequal track seated in bias against and trading on the perceived powerlessness of indigent persons.

I then had 42-days to respond. I published my responses to the claim of “frivolous” on my website: I am now told that the complaints of judicial misconduct will be investigated by a judicial panel. Past commitment to coverup informing future coverup you will forgive me doubting if anything will come of this. I fully expect that I will need to file a FOIA request for proof that these complaints were truly investigated and that the panel selected had access to the full record including the 43-exhibits mailed with the complaints (of Judicial Misconduct) on November 1, 2018. If denial of rights is deemed to have occurred, access must be restored setting a precedent no one really wants articulated by any formal process.

I must say this. My appeal offered a valuable and needed opportunity for appellant judges to rule on abuses taking place at another juncture where access to due process can be stripped from indigent persons for reasons that have nothing to do with rights or law. The employee authored “mandates” concealed the Screening for Merit context of the Civil RICO Case. Screening for Merit related appeal questions were never answered. The clerk authored mandates went so far as to imply that the Civil RICO Case was heard by a judge and ruled on by a jury (at the federal district court in Memphis, TN). Nothing could be further from the truth. Screening for Merit is not Due Process. Assigning my appeal to the sole discretion of bureaucrats given free license to usurp the role of judges qualifies as a separate and unequal process twisted to function as screening, i.e., culling appeal cases before they can be heard. Perhaps the subject of my next book.

Please do restore my right of access to due process seated in the error correction function of the sixth circuit. The Constitution (of the United States of America) is under assault. You can cut through the coverup and see that a panel of judges will address the Pro Se Appellant’s Brief.

Note inserted: The sixth circuit could also send my case back to the district court for ruling on what the first panel of judges deemed to be outstanding. The federal district court in Memphis, TN just blew off that request, never complied and in fact where offered an excuse not to do so by first Case Manager: Karen Fultz. Here we had a clerk obstructing notice to judges and contriving an entirely illegal outcome. Read the two former blogs for how two clerks, upon belief, conspired to protect the district court for having slandered my claims and by extension protected a dangerous and toxic RICO Criminal Enterprise sill operating today. Letter now resumes.

It is unlikely you will ever read this letter. After first given time in hopes that you will, I will publish it on my website. I hope that by some avenue you will examine what transpired and given the extreme levels of corruption begin what never started as a valid appeals process. I do not have an attorney nor do I have anything close to a wide readership of books nor website. That said I am compelled to persist in achieving access to due process. There is a moral imperative win or lose, heard or not heard, to do so making my story known not just for myself but for other similarly impacted pro se and indigent persons past and future.

Yours truly: Alexandra Clair

PS: Because the appeal questions have been consistently quashed from recognition, I’ve enclosed the Appeal from questions; forged and replaced. Please note the first case number and proof of denial of notice to the first panel of judges.

I can be reached at: I can be reached by phone at: (901) 504-9704. I am very interested in hearing from persons who may have had their rights trashed on appeal by the same unequal delegation practices. We must understand and acknowledge that these practices are not only unconstitutional, but have opened the door to wide spread corruption. My books can be found on my Amazon author page.

The insider echo chamber has been writing about the injustice and danger of delegating “less than” appeals to a de facto appeals court system for years. As evidenced by the following two publications.

INJUSTICE ON APPEAL: The United States Courts of Appeal in Crisis. Written by Law School professors: Authors: William M. Richman ยท William L. Reynolds 2012 / I cannot at the moment afford to buy this book. If anyone would like to donate it to my research efforts I would appreciate that generosity. I’d like to write something that is more accessible to future persons striped of their rights per these Civil Rights violations operating under cover of law.

Another really good article is written by the late law school professor: Penelope J. Pether. SORCERERS, NOT APPRENTICES: How Judicial Clerks and Staff Attorneys Impoverish U.S. Law. Published by the Arizona State Law Journal 2007. I found this article especially helpful.