Why this Website

I was targeted for title theft three years before I experienced any of the harassment that accompanies that horrendous and traumatic experience. During those three years REO Investors as the secret Note-Holders skimmed equity. Assignments of my mortgage (laundering the chain of Property Title) amongst criminals were not filed into the public record where I or any other victim can find them. There was no disclosure flowing in my direction when on multiple occasions the hijacked digital property title was used as collateral to skim equity.

After extensive research into what I came to call the Bank Theft Delivery System, feeding mortgages for default to local investor-operatives, I realized that what happened to me has a local footprint of operations. The chain of theft also has a national footprint of operations. The tie between the two footprints places many title theft operations in the realm of a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act; crime(s) otherwise known as RICO.

This website and two books are about fighting back. Knowledge is power. The chain of title theft is not hard to recognize when we can see and describe the theft-step-process which is individually fitted in part or in its entirety to every victim of title theft and illegal foreclosure.

My desire is to help others fight back. As I develop this website be patient and check back often. I’m just getting started.